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Our working group for genealogy in the Hageland and East of Brabant 
consists  of some very enthusiastic volunteers :

We are experienced genealogists, specialized in the transcription of the parish records of the area between  Leuven, Aarschot, Diest en Tienen.

We transcribe the records in old writing, we translate the Latin texts and analyze the results before we type the data in the database.

  • Frans Vandenbosch
    Mortelstraat 27
    B 3150 Tildonk

    Just send me an e-mail if you want some more information about how we process the data or let me know your opinion about this website.


    To pick-up the books  (first, give us a call):

    • Mevr. Ludwine Vandenbosch - Elsen
      Langestraat 61
      B 3220 Sint-Pieters-Rode
      Tel: + 32 16 621443


    • Frans Vandenbosch
      Mortelstraat 27
      B 3150 Tildonk






    Questions ? Remarks ?   Need some more info ?

    Contact us on    info@actagena.org